Tips To Maintain Automatic Doors

Our life is becoming more automated, hence it is widespread to have automatic doors in places like the garage, entrance to an area… if you are lucky enough to enjoy this type of entry, I invite you to know a series of tips that you they will help to get the doors to work correctly for longer. Without forgetting that the control and legislation of automatic doors are regulated, hence they must always be in perfect condition.

Avoid Water And Humidity

You should always keep the control box away from moisture and water. If moisture enters the control center, the door will stop working, and you will have a big problem. To avoid this, make sure that the installation is well protected. And if you notice that there is a hole, cover it with silicone so that everything is perfectly preserved.

Watch The Electric Board

If you have some knowledge of electronics, it may be interesting that every so often you look if everything is correct, especially the electric plate. In case something does not go well, the door will stop working, and you will have to call a professional to repair the door. Keep in mind that if it is the one that allows access to your customers, then you will have a real problem. Hence, you have to check it so that the smallest symptom you can call the professional and ruin and prevent the door from opening.

Lubricate Your Automatic Doors Well

With use, it is most likely that the doors start to squeak. In this case, you will have to see if all the pieces are correct. If all goes well, it will be time for you to lubricate the doors so that they stop making that annoying noise. To carry out this work, I invite you to look at the locks, the latch, and the hinges. If everything goes well, once greased, the annoying noise will disappear, and the door will work again like the first day. Usually, these pieces are not difficult to find, but if you have doubts in the manual, everything will be very well explained.…