Use Controls For Automatic Doors

The use of the powers will make opening the door much more comfortable. The same happens with electronic barriers, which can be opened with an appropriate command. That is, they offer us security and comfort in turn.

If you use a remote, you should always make sure that the system works correctly and above all that the batteries are charged. Do not wait too long to change the cells of the remote. If you do, the cells may run out and then you may have problems opening the door.

Check The Status Of The Springs

Like everything in this life, the springs sooner or later will tend to break down. The movement of the door as oxidation are the great enemies of the docks.

To try to make the springs last longer and not break, the best thing you can do is give them oil so that the oxidation takes longer to appear. Also, it is also essential that you look if the springs still have adequate tension. If you notice that they have lost stress or change or call a professional to change them and thus prevent the door stop working at the most critical time.

Clean The Doors

I recommend cleaning the automatic doors not only for hygiene but so that the doors do not begin to concentrate much shit and can be blocked.

Depending on the type of door you have, you will have to perform some maintenance or other tasks. For example, if you have sliding doors, you will have to pay close attention to the guides. These must be clean to prevent dirt from allowing them to run. The important thing is to keep the doors clean of dirt and grease.